What is Rikah ?

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What is Rikah ?

Post by Admin on Thu Aug 20, 2015 10:40 am

Rikah is a Decentralised Digital Currency of Africa. Each Unit of Rikah is fixed with the US $50 Dollar. There are 60 Million Rikah is been mined by the Bitcoin Blockchain RH2. You can buy Rikah and invest your money in an alternative digital currency. Rikah Stock Exchange  RSE is the main Rikah Trading Platform. You can buy and sell rikah over the Internet. All the transaction is completed by Email or Text Message. There is no third party involvement in Rikah Transaction. You send and receive money with Rikah all over the world. It is secured and transparent. Digital Currency Rikah is a blessing for United Africa from Satoshi Nakamoto the inventor of First Digital Currency Bitcoin. Join the Rikah Talk Forum and get involved. You will be surprised when the Rikah Digital Currency market expend soon. So buy some Rikah and invest your money in the Digital Finance.


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